Global truth

Telling it like it is, where it is, what it is, every time my view gets clouded.

Dark path, insecure …


Pal, get me out of this mess.

Every day I think of who I was, who I am and who I’ll be.

Step by step, everything’s more real.


I try to express my truth,

only my global truth,

Feeling things that block my neurones.


My self esteem is on the ground, I repeat

It makes me sick, I’m in a hole, and please,

God help me get my feet back on the floor, so I can get there …


I’m so bored… deadly boredom.



I chose to begin my communication with you with these lyrics by “Madera Limpia” (a Cuban band of minimum publicity from Guantanamo), believing that their ‘global truth’ portrays all of us, the everyday people of the so called western world. A bit the situation of  ‘being bored’, a bit the night’s abrupt political decisions of the ruling parties, both of them make longer the ‘dark insecure path’ of everyone of us.



Michael Kalaitzakis born in Chania. He studied physics at the University of Crete (Heraklion) and has completed graduate studies in Adult Education (CRD) for the “photo in education.” He began his involvement with photography in a group of the University of Crete (Heraklion 1988 -1990). Has attended international seminars Photography (Costas Manos 2008, Jacob Aue Sobol2013 etc) and lectures. From 2005 to 2009 he taught photographic themes in “shading” of the Technical University of Crete (Chania). From 2010 to today organizes photography workshop with the technical, aesthetic and history of photography. Since 2008 writes about photography topics insert “Daily” News of Chania. He has participated in several group and 4 solo exhibitions. His work has been presented in the Greek press (magazines Photographer, Photonet, Stigmes, etc.) and is in private collections.
e-mail: mixaxaer@gmail.com