Terroir by Lefka Ori

14787_724780347548232_1917994824_n 2013/07/18 to 2013/08/31

Terroir is the fingerprint that nature gives to its products. Terroir is the environment. Terroir is the crop. Terroir is also the people. Terroir expresses itself only when there is a person there to help it express itself.

Michael Kalaitzakis takes a different approach in his photos. Continue reading


ΑΦΙΣΑ.mFrom 17.07.2013 until 08.12.2013.

Open from Wednesday to Sunday 18:00 to 21:00.

Free Entrance.

“Based on a document of the 4th century by one of the Fathers of the Church, Saint Makarios the Egyptian, more than 350 works of art, crafted in the 1980s by International Artists with backgrounds from around the world, explaining the concepts of dialogue, communication and reconciliation. Part of them, ushered in a new interesting dialogue about texts and all related topics with contemporary artwork made ​​with references from the spirit of our times. ”

Visual Editor: Emmanuelle Larentzaki. Continue reading


77204May 26, 2013 … 28 May 2013
Studio “Oxo-Nou” Agias Kiriakis 29,Chania
The group “Katafoni” and Michael Kalaitzakis presents their new music-photo-theater performance entitled “EXARTISI”, Continue reading


ART IS HARD @ WAREHOUSE 9, PORT | 26-28.04.13


26, 27 & 28 April 2013
WAREHOUSE 9 | PORT | Thessaloniki
At the end of April, the art is hard cast anchor again at the Port of Thessaloniki.

Every art is hard not just one episode in the history of madness started 4 years ago in Thessaloniki.

Every art is hard organically linked through the previous work of artists hosting.

Every art is hard brings creators and visitors in a public place free artistic creation and musical innovation.

Every art is hard meditates, experimenting and finally tells the currents of thought and Continue reading

«Valentine’s Day III»

Afisa.VALENTINE'S-DAY-III.2013.BOROROExhibition of Photography

Michael Kalaitzaki, Konstantin Fischer and Basili Charitaki

at World Music Cafe Bororo, Sarpidonos 2, Old Harbour, Chania

from Sunday 10/02/2013 to Wednesday 06/03/2013

Opening hours daily from 19:00 to 24:00

Free admission

The exhibition will take place Sunday 10/02/2013 at 9pm.

For the third consecutive year, this group of artists presented Continue reading

“Give a Gift Get a Gift”


OPEN: Every Sunday,  5.08. 2012 to 25.11.2012

from 11:00  to 21:00


70 Greek and International artists explore the interconnections and boundaries between polar opposites such as Positive – Negative, Male – Female, Matter-spirit, Sky-Ground, Yin-Yang, through diptych representanions. They thus seek the two sides of the same coin. of the same coin. To this end, they use a wide variety of artistic techniques to create artistic experiences that negotiate such notions as offering, power, fear, life, death, darkness or light; all these elements that define human existence.

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“In front of the mirror”


 LULY 15 – AUGUST 8 2012

Dourakis Winery, Alikambos Apokoronas, Chania.

Michalis Kalaitzakis photographs the butcher as he handles big meat parts in a way that blurs the human figure and his actions. He photographs the meat professional consecutively in different phases during his work and obviously maintains a relationship of attraction and repulsion with his subject. Despite the
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“Vakhika III”


at the Winery


Sunday, the 13th May 2012 at 12 noon

The exhibition will remain open every Sunday until 25.11.2012
from 11.00 am till 9.00 in the evening


The “Museum of Contemporary Art – Olivepress” Dromonero presents the visual action “Vakhika III” at the Winery “Estate Loupaki” at the top of the hill “Gra-Lygia” where lie the vineyards of the estate on Sunday 13 Continue reading