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    The project, presented in a photo exhibition organized by the Architectural Association, p_public Chania, in Chania 18-21/06/2011, Neorio Moro on thema: 'Chania else'. The text that presented my work wase as follow: The original idea was to collect many similar features of the region in which I live (work similar to Francis Galton - but not humans) and overlay (print on the same paper) these photos into groups. I thought that in this way similar characteristics (pillars of PPC cement skeletons of unfinished houses, potholes on the roads etc) will reinforce each other and would create a haze. In this way you view the Greek features mainly urban landscape. Overlays blurred but not the whole picture highlighting typical. I kept the appreciable effect occurred, I simplified the process by long exposure images, influence from Mikolajczyk (Light-Drowing, 1980) and presents the images obtained from the roads in my area ... Number of projects 17, Dimensions projects, 60cm x 90cm